Quotes of the weekend

This page will be continually added to with memorable quotes over the weekend...
'Someone's making an awful lot of noise.'
'Hey, Mr Brown, my favourite thing about kids is they don't think they can hear us if we whisper.'
'Are the teachers gone yet....?'
'Did they say we could go to the toilet in the night?'
'That's why we've got torches...'
'Who's farted now?'
'So shall we do our midnight thing...?'
Whilst fencing...
Q - Are you ready for fencing?
'Let's paint some fences!'
Q - Where should we keep the foil?
'In the kitchen'
Q - It smells of coffee in here.  Do you drink coffee to stay awake at night?
'...no we drink coffee to stay up all day!'
'We're not allowed to run'
'I'm not running, I'm skipping.'
'We've got rope, we can trade.'
'Is the lake seawater!'
’I’m going to have a harsh brown!’
’In Y7 I get a residential to go to the Pole of White’
Playing a chicken game:
’Which one of us is going to die, because sometimes chickens die giving birth!’
Just before zipwire - ‘RIP bottom...’