Physical Education (PE) Curriculum Statement

Physical education gives children the chance to develop a range of physical skills while allowing confidence in their ability to flourish. At Heene the children are provided well-structured lessons in dance, gymnastics, athletics and games.These aspects of physical education give children different experiences so they can try various skills so every child has the opportunity to find parts of physical education that they particularly enjoy.

Physical education at Heene allows children to work alone and in teams while evaluating their own and other’s performance in a respectful manner to help every child improve. Alongside physical skills children at our school develop positive attitudes with regards to the idea of fair play and respect for others which are transferrable when working in other areas of the curriculum.
Throughout the year children are given the opportunity to take part in a wide range ofsporting competitions with other schools in the local area. These competitions give the children a sense of pride as they represent their school and can show their true potential in a sporting activity.