Useful websites for all elements of e-safety

Internet guidance for children
A brief guide on children using the internet at home and ideas on how to help them stay safe.

For 6-10 year olds

For 0-5 year olds


Setting Parental controls
A set of instructions to help set up your parental control.

For broadband and mobile provider

For smart phones and other devices


APP checker
If your child has a new APP that you are unsure of, there is a list of common APPs and what they do here as well as a search tool to look up one that is not on the list.


Online games
With a wide variety of game available for children to play on the computer and other electronic devices PEGI set up a website that allows you to type in the game they wish to play and it will give you the age rating and a brief description of what happens on the game and what your child may see.