Worthing Children's Parade 2019

Characters from David Walliams books

Heene participated for the first time in the Children’s Parade with the largest turnout of children and parents.  Wow,  well done and thank you! 

The ideas and inspiration came from Ange D-B, both a parent and FOHPS volunteer.  Without her unfailing support and time we would not have got to the finish line.

The Midnight Gang and George was the idea presented to us and the drawings show the original plans.  As you can see from the photographs we did very well and George paraded through the town without any damage thanks to Mr Box (one of our student teachers) volunteering to carry him along the way.  

Thank you also to Maxwel B’s uncle who transported George and the balloons to Beach House Park Gardens on his tow truck. 

After we’d been welcomed into Steyne Gardens by Tim Loughton, MP, we were surprised by the man himself!  David Walliams.  He spoke to all those gathered about his characters and books before mingling in the Gardens afterwards.