Week Two

Monday 18th November: We have had yet another great day. Fantastic to compare this Shanghai school with last week’s. We saw a lesson on area today which we have to teach to a grade 3 (Year 4) lesson on Wednesday - I'm not nervous at all!!!  Hoping it doesn’t get lost in translation. 

We also watched a lesson on angles; again something that I teach in Year 3. 

We are going to a bilingual private school tomorrow. 

Tuesday 19th November: Another Great day. Today we were busy seeing schools that are partnered with our main school. 

This morning we went to a bilingual private school and observed a lesson on division with remainders.

The structure in the lesson and text book being used was the same as in the public schools. 

This afternoon we went to a public school and watched a grade 1 lesson on properties of 3D-shapes. The teacher allowed the children a lot of time to explore and discover before consolidating learning through a game. The children really enjoyed the game and worked with one another.

Tomorrow is our turn to teach a lesson to a class!  I’ll let you all know how it goes. 


Wednesday 20th November: Today I taught a lesson to 35 children about area. I was observed by 20 teachers, including the Principal and Maths leaders from the local area. 

Following the lesson we were interviewed by all 20 about our schools in England. They also asked us about the education system at home and how it differs from the education system in Shanghai. 

After lunch we watched the opening ceremony of their sports week. Incredible.

We then visited another school to observe a lesson on the relationship between unit price, quantity and total amount. 

One more day to go. I shall miss Shanghai but I am very much looking forward to coming home and coming back to Heene. 

Thursday 20th November: My adventure has come to an end!  I’ll be very sad to leave Shanghai. I had no idea how much I would learn and how it would change my thinking forever. I feel incredibly lucky to be part of this national project and can’t wait to impart my knowledge at Heene, in Sussex and beyond. 

Today we were joined by Debbie Morgan and other representatives from the NCETM.  We watched two fantastic lessons with them on symmetry and division with remainders. We then had an in-depth discussion following the lessons. 

See you all very soon!