Week One

Please read the daily diary below and look at all the photographs. 

Sunday 10th November: I arrived safely early on Sunday morning after a rather long flight (11.5 hours). We’ve explored today and then had an informal reception with DfE and NCETM representatives. I’ve managed to stay awake all day (since Saturday morning) but am struggling now.

Monday 11th November: We had a wonderful welcome at Shanghai Normal University today. We had a lecture from Professor Gu and met our partner teachers.  We are looking forward to visiting our first school tomorrow!!

Tuesday 12th November: We have been well and truly spoilt today. An incredible ceremony to welcome us (the bar has been raised children - I’m already planning ours!!).  We are going to explore their virtual reality room this afternoon and then watch a maths lesson. This is the most incredible opportunity for me and our school. 

Today we watched a Grade 4 (Year 5) maths lesson learning about how to turn a 1 step calculation into a 2 step calculation. Look at the photos of the lesson and our post lesson discussion (wearing my new jumper - gift from the school about Chinese Opera Dance). 

Wednesday 13th November: I’ve had another amazing day in school. Watched a Grade 2 (Year 3) lesson on bar graphs. Fascinating how the teacher started the lesson. Completely different to how I would have done it but drew attention to so much. 

After lunch I played baseball - photo attached. My first shot was amazing, all the children cheered. My next shot was fairly standard so they saw the real me then!!

This afternoon we watched a grade 1 (Year 2) lesson on sorting. Again fantastic. Great to see the children learning through play. The teacher said that was so important to start school with a love of mathematics by playing games. 

One of the best parts is getting to talk through the lesson with the teacher afterwards. This is common practice here. 

I now have to feedback to the rest of the primary team (70 teachers) about my day. We are then being taken out by our host school to have Chinese Hotpot this evening! 

Thursday 14th November: Great grade 4 (Year 5) lesson on introducing a circle and it’s radius.  Hoping to share that with UKS2 for when they teach it. 

I have been very brave today. I’ve eaten scorpion. Then we had Chinese hotpot which includes ducks blood, duck intestine and cow stomach. Only tried a tiny bit as wasn’t really keen...

Friday 15th November: I’ve had a great day. Saw two amazing lessons this morning - one on triangles and quadrilaterals and the other about solving 2 step equations.  Rather impressive. 

We had our farewell ceremony from this week’s school - lots of songs and music.