Tree planting - Victoria Park


On Monday 18th November our Year 5 and Year 6 Eco Warriors met with the Community Park Ranger Anthony Read from Adur and Worthing Council to plant some trees in Victoria Park.

The tree planting went well. Mrs Ferguson went over with Miss Lewis and 8 children. Anthony thinks there might be more trees to come, next year, to fill in gaps around the perimeter of park.  He said he will be in touch.  The 8 trees (4 Rowan and 4 Hazel) come from the Woodland Trust.  A block of flats was built recently at the bottom of Heene Road and an oak tree (I think he said oak) was cut down in the process.  A lady who lives opposite asked the Woodland Trust for trees to replace the oak. Anthony thought Heene Road – Heene School – Victoria Park was a good place for them.