Say It, Sign It - Introduction

This language programme is based both on natural gesture and signs from 'British Sign Language' (BSL), to help children see what is meant as well as hear what is said.

Why should we sign?
Signing will help the child:
  • to 'look' and 'listen' more carefully to you
  • to have a better understanding of the world around them
  • to have a clearer understanding of what is expected of them
  • to discriminate between words that sound similar e.g. tea/key
  • a word is said very quickly but a sign can be repeated so your child will find it easier to pick up on what you are saying
Main points to remember:
  1. Always accompany your signs with speech
  2. Use normal facial expression and body language to accompany your signs
  3. Use your dominant hand as your key hand
  4. Finally remember that with signing you are like an artist drawing pictures 'in the air'. Your aim is to provide visual clues to accompany and support speech. This will improve your child's understanding of language and provide him with a vital means of expressing himself.