More Able Pupils Curriculum Statement

Heene provides a caring and stimulating environment in which we are committed to ensuring More Able pupils are challenged in a way that allows them to excel. As many of our pupils come from disadvantaged backgrounds, we are fully aware of the importance of championing pupils who have the ability to reach the highest standards but lack the self-belief and ambition to do so.

As a result, we work hard to identify More Able pupils at the earliest opportunity and closely track these pupils’ progress throughout their time at Heene to ensure they are fulfilling their potential. Once identified, pupils who are exceeding their age-related expectations in Reading, Writing and Maths are placed on the school’s More Able Register and those who show exceptional talent in other curriculum areas are placed on the Gifted and Talented Register.


These pupils are given opportunities to participate in enrichment activities organised in partnership with other local schools, enabling their skills to be nurtured and further developed. We recognise that these opportunities are particularly important to raising the ambition of More Able pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds who otherwise may not be exposed to such experiences.

Heene believes that identifying More Able pupils early and encouraging their resilience by providing learning that is challenging for them is key to preparing these pupils for the competitive world they will enter when they leave us.