English as an Additional Language (EAL) Curriculum Statement

At Heene, we aim to offer the non-English speaker a warm welcome through our friendly classrooms, dedicated team of specialised, trained Teaching Assistants who befriend and support EAL children, offering academic, social and pastoral care and our Young Interpreters, who offer peer support.
Documents such as 'A Language in Common' are used to assess EAL children on entry and, as a team, we help children to make firends and integrate as quickly as possible within their classroom, supporting them with a range of strategies to make the curriculum accessible for all and to help them to achieve age-related curriculum expectations. Our Welcome Profile helps us to understand better the needs of the individual child on entry to our school.

Our EAL co-ordinator liaises with external bodies for training and resources, and monitors closely the progress of all EAL children across the school.