Day 3 - Sunday (daytime)

Good morning everyone!  A great nights sleep had by all, including us!!  Majority asleep by 11am and we only started hearing footsteps and voices at 6.45am today.  We must have exhausted them yesterday.
The sun is shining and we're all ok on bacon, eggs and hash browns.  Yum, yum...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MANZHAR!!  We all joined in and sang to him this morning!
The activities in store for today are: Raft Building for all this morning followed by Archery and Zipline this afternoon. 
Well, we've now finished raft building.  Our thanks go to fantastic instructors Connor, Sophie, Em and Jerome who were great with the children.  they taught them different knots as well as discussing how to construct the raft and work again as a team and sub-teams.  As you can see from the pictures the rafts all floated and successfully crossed the lake before it all got a bit messy and the children jumped in and bobbed around. 
Once the rafts were deconstructed and we'd put the equipment away hot showers and warm clothes were needed. 
The morning finished off with birthday cake for the birthday boy.  Then lunch of jacket potato, pizza and pesto pasta!  They are eating so well and already looking forward to the roast dinner this evening.
Lots of fun had by all with Archery and Zipwire this afternoon.  The photos say it all.