Day 2 - Saturday (daytime)

Good Morning!  We had a relatively peaceful night with all quiet by 11pm.  There were no surprise visitors in the middle of night just the sound of footsteps on barkchip by 5.40am as the toilet run began.  Showers, yes showers have been had by most, some at 6am.
Room inspections were amazing with some rooms scoring perfect 10's.  This included one of the boys rooms too.  They are a very tidy bunch, though not sure what the inside of their suitcases look like.  See the pictures below, some even rolled their window blinds up very neatly.  Impressive stuff.
Most children have had a very good plate of hot breakfast plus cereal and toast.  Lots of energy for the day ahead.
The groups began the day by swapping round and finishing off Climbing and Aeroball from yesterday.   Our activities today include: Fencing, Problem Solving and 3G-swing.  I think they're all looking forward to the last one a lot!
Food is being enjoyed by all today.  They are working off the carbs they're eating too.  Sausage roll and chips or pasta for lunch and Pizza for dinner followed by ice cream.  We are also impressed by their table manners.